Invited speakers

John Franks (Umicore, Dundee, UK)

  • »Molded Wafer Level Optics  based on Chalcogenide Glass«

Peter Gardner (The University of Manchester, UK)

  • »Infrared Spectroscopy for Life Science Applications«

Peter Hargrave (Cardiff University, UK)

  • »IR-Detectors for Earth Observation and Astronomy«

Mark Itzler (Princeton Lightwave Inc., Cranbury, USA)

  • »InGaAs APDs and SPADs for 3D Imaging and Quantum Communication«

Leon Shterengas (Stony Brook University, USA)

  • »High Power GaSb Lasers«

Vincenzo Spagnolo (Technical University of Bari, Italy)

  • »QEPAS - New Developments in Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Gas Sensing«

Gottfried Strasser (Technische Universität Wien, Austria)

  • »Monolithically Integrated Quantum Cascade Laser And Detection Devices«

Eliezer Weiss (SCD-SemiConductor Devices, Haifa, Israel)

  • »LWIR Imagers based on Type-II Superlattices«